Introducing Breakwoods.

From the Toronto-based independent record label, Breakwood Records, comes yet another music blog of pretentious music opinions and reviews for you to ignore on your news feeds. With a team of writers, creators, and artists all over this great land, we strive to deliver the most average and least thought-provoking take on the sounds coming out of Toronto, and beyond. From the emerging Rap and R&B from Toronto, to the New York punk scene, to the undiscovered corners of every genre, putting you onto new and better things is our mission.

For those in need of a solid IV drip of new music, head to our Radio page, or find us on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud for our constantly updated playlists and shows. As of now, we're running a weekly fresh music blast of varying genres and times, The Breaks, our monthly round-up of the best the month had to offer, Best of the Month, and a biweekly crash course on where Hip-Hop has been, and where it's going, The Hip-Hop Update.


As we build our team and our content, we'd love nothing more than your contribution; whether that's submitting music for review and promotion, or to write about something you have in mind, check out our Contact page. But most importantly, be sure to check back in to read our take on fresh new music, classic albums, and the current state of music. 

It's tough to know what we will become in these early embryonic stages, but we'd love to have you along for the rides. Enjoy.